Organizational Culture is the shared shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which help govern how people behave in an organization (a workplace, house of worship, school, etc.) Studying an organization’s culture is a good way to put many skills to use: 1. Interviewing and observing; 2. Critical thinking; 3. Argumentation. It also prepares you for the type of research writing you will do in and beyond your college studies.

This case study paper will be written in stages, and it will be presented as a “social sciences” report. There are ten sections to your paper, and each section (except the intro) will have a heading (some sections, as noted, should be close to the word count provided):

Review of Literature (approximately 500 words)
Background / History
Description of Participants
Results (approximateky 750 words)
Conclusion(s) / Discussion (approximately 250 words)
Works Cited

Take time to determine an organization to study.


First, you will want to gather source material about organizational culture. What is it? What other studies have been conducted?

Next, you will want to gather background research research on the history, development, mission, values, and/or purpose of the organization.

At the end of a social sciences paper, the researcher will tend to make recommendations or suggestions. This will be your objective in this final section of the paper, though your argument will be a little more formal.

You will want to make an argument based on one or more of the following forms of argumentation:

Evaluation: What works well in this organization? What doesn’t? What needs to change?
Causation: What are the effects, benefits, or drawbacks of the organization? In general, what impact does the communityit have on members’ lives, good or bad?
Definition: What is the organization’s culturte?
Proposal: What changes should be made? What should be differently to improve the culture or the experiences of its members?
This section of the paper will include an argumentative thesis. You will support your argument using the findings of your research.

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