Culture and Substance Use Disorders Job Aid

Directions: Create a 4–5-page job aid for co-workers who work with families of adolescent substance users to help explain the juvenile system and treatment programs. Your job aid should include the following sections below and address the areas noted under each section. You may include images in your job aid; however, please ensure the image size is small and appropriate for the audience.

Include 2-3 peer-reviewed scholarly sources in the job aid as in-text citations and in the reference list to support your content. Make sure to delete all directions in the document before finalizing your job aid.


[Enter a description here to describe the purpose of the resource and what is included.]

Table of Contents

[If there are more than three sections of content, provide a table of contents here by listing the sections and setting up a hyperlink.]

To set up a text hyperlink:

  1. Type each section on its own line.
  2. Highlight the first section.
  3. Select Insert from the ribbon.
  4. Click on the Hyperlink icon in the Links section (next to the Bookmark icon).
  5. Under the Link to section on the left, click on the Place in This Document selection.
  6. Select the title of the heading and click OK. This will add the selected heading as a link.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 to add additional hyperlinks.

For visual instructions on how to add hyperlinks in Word, view the Add hyperlinks to the same location within the same document article on the Microsoft Office site. Make sure to delete these instructions before finalizing your job aid.


[List all information here to explain the connections between the juvenile justice systems and adolescent treatment programs.]

Similarities and Differences

[List all information here to explain the similarities and differences of the juvenile system and treatment programs.]

Clinical and Programmatic Issues

[List all information here to explain the clinical and programmatic issues involved in the planning for substance use disorders treatment of juvenile offenders.]


[List all information here detailing the dilemmas involved in engaging hard-to-reach adolescent populations.]


[List all information here to summarize the knowledge and skills needed to work with unique counseling populations such as hard-to reach-adolescents.]


[List all references here in APA format.]

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