You will compare your own culture to that of someone whom you consider to be
from another culture. This is part two of the process.

Once you define your own sense of cultural place, you will identify someone who is OUTSIDE of your own culture in some way. The easiest way to approach this is to find someone who is from another country, but there are certainly more subtle ways to approach this section. Once you identify someone with cultural difference from you, you will request an interview with that person. We will work on interview techniques and developing interview questions together. Your interview questions may need to be focused on one specific aspect of culture, depending on how much you already know about that culture. You will submit a summary/transcript of your interview that is 10% of your course grade.

In your essay, an additional document, you will compare your own culture with the culture of the person you interviewed. The following questions might be things to consider in this comparison:

What about the information you learned surprised you?
What are the similarities between the two cultures?
Are there shared values or traditions?
What cultural differences surprised you?
What is the root of those differences or the causes of those differences?
Does one culture have legal, social, cultural privileges that the other does not?
What might be the reason behind these differences?
How do you feel about these issues?
Submission Format
Technical Guidelines: The following technical guidelines are non-negotiable. If you fail to meet them, points may be deducted, and/or the essay may be returned to you for revision to meet these guidelines.

Your essay must be 12 point font, Times New Roman;
Your essay must be double spaced;
Your essay must be 500-750 words (That’s two to three pages);
And your essay must have one-inch margins all around.

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