Cultural Conflict

Question 1

Write a narrative essay about a cultural conflict. The essay can be an autobiography , a biography , or fiction . It could also be a fictionalized version of something that actually happened. It should be about one and a half pages double spaced.

This writing assignment will focus on the following skills:

  • Introducing a clear point of view
  • Developing a conflict
  • Creating a reflection

Question 2

Write a narrative that incorporates stream-of-consciousness technique. Develop a story that reflects the psychological thought processes of a character or characters.

  • Introducing a narrator and a clear point of view
  • Developing a plot around a conflict
  • Integrating internal monologue with stream of consciousness and dialogue

Question 3

This essay will explore what we know about lung cancer and smoking and how does it affect us physically and mentally? Are we being told factual information about lung cancer and how smoking effect our body and lungs, and do we seek out that information that helps on quieting.


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