Cultural Challenge

Part1: 2 paragraphs

Conduct research on Apple’s culture and answer the questions below. 2 paragraph minimum . Feel free to add some of your own comments or ideas on Apples culture and/or discuss what your ideal culture would be. Have you any experience fitting into an organizational culture? Have you ever tried to work in an environment where the culture was dysfunctional? These topics are all appropriate to include if you so choose. Be sure to cite any direct quotes and provide references as necessary.

1- What do you feel is the biggest cultural challenge facing Apple now?

2-If you were responsible for Organizational Development for Apple, what would be your recommendations for Apple regarding their culture since the passing of Steve Jobs and why?

Part 2: Require 2-3 pages

Organizational Models have five stages.

  • Explain each stage of organizational development.
  • Provide a brief example of each stage in a real world setting.
    • This example could be a real world or hypothetical example. You can use the internet to research companies that have recently gone through a major change to help with your examples.

Part 3: 3-5 paragraphs

In three to five paragraphs, describe an experience that you have had with organizational change. Consider employment, memberships in organizations, or clubs as sources for your experience. Ensure your assignment has proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Include the following information in this application assignment:

  • What was the purpose of the change?
  • Did the change include the five stages or organizational development?
  • Explain the challenges of the change.
  • Was the change successful?

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