Critical Thinking

Students will be responsible for completing a course reaction essay by the end of the semester. For this exercise, the student should think critically about the content presented in the course. Include in your essay the most interesting or surprising thing you learned and one thing you would like to know more about.
Possible ideas to consider when writing your essay:
• Why did you choose the information you wrote about? Re-Entry problems that Incarcerated women face after being released from prison.
• How do you feel about what you learned in the course (through readings, class discussions, etc.)?
• What do you agree or disagree with? Think critically about the content presented in the course.
• Can you identify with anything covered in the course?
• Do you have something to add regarding the content of the course?
• How does the information in this course relate to the content in other courses?
• How might the course relate to your possible career goals, current career, etc.?
Requirements for course reaction essay:
● 2-4 pages in length; double-spaced; 12-pt. font; New Times Roman font
● Grammatically correct and free from proofreading errors
● Paragraph, narrative format; 3rd person speech, unless otherwise specified
● Must be completed in Microsoft Word and submitted as an attachment in the Assignment section in Canvas for this course
● If you reference specific material from the course, you must provide in-text citations and a reference list
● No title page is necessary – put name, date, and course number in a header on every page
● Use formatting in Microsoft Word for double-spacing, headers, etc.

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