Critical Stakeholders

Question 1

Submit a paper discussing the following: Who are the critical stakeholders involved in this negotiation? What are their roles and priorities? Explain the role and position of each of the stakeholders and describe how their interests may differ depending on cultural considerations. What measures will you have to take to ensure all stakeholders will be satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation?

Question 2

Write a two page paper reflecting on one of the negotiations you participated in during Class 1 or 2. Focus on what you learned. Consider the following questions:

  • What happened? (pre-negotiation, negotiation, post-negotiation) What did you experience during the negotiation?
  • What did I notice about myself? about my counter party? about the situation?
  • What negotiation principles seemed most important or most relevant during this negotiation? (refer to concepts, terms, and ideas from the text and class)
  • What did this inspire me to do in the future? (skills, strategies, tactics)

Question 3

Choose to write a reflection paper on the following option:

  1. Imagine that you have been asked to conduct a negotiation via information technology. Describe how you will lessen virtual distance and enhance your ability to communicate effectively during the three phases of negotiation: preparation, negotiation, post-negotiation. Refer to experiences in class or in life.

This paper should be 5 – 7 pages double spaced APA style with citations from the text.

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