Critical Path Method

Question 1

Consider the following two alternate scenarios:

Scenario 1: Two girls are sharing a cold chocolate milk glass.

Scenario 2: Each girl has a half-filled glass of chocolate milk of their own.

Discussion Question: 1. In which scenario, will the girls finish the milk faster (they love chocolate milk!)? How does this example relate to the Common’s problem { The Tragedy of the Commons (Harding, G 1968)}. Explain.

Discussion question 2: Come up with one example where you can apply this theory to a real world situation

Question 2

Define and analyze critical path management. How would you use it on a project? What values would you evaluate each week? Offer corrective actions you can take to get a project back on track.

Discussion Question responses should be at least 200-300 words, referenced, and submitted by Thursday midnight. Reference the Required/Recommended Reading materials or provide reference to a Library article of your choice.

By Sunday, respond to at least two other discussions started by your classmates. A response is a thoughtful suggestion that might serve to aid your classmate in research or writing.


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