Critical Literature Review

Question 1

Select one key topic from the programme, the keynote topics are available on the site with supporting videos and information.

You must then write a 2,500 word critical literature review on your chosen topic. You must use good quality academic sources to give an overview of your chosen topic such as academic journals and quality practitioner materials and sources. You must discuss and critique the sources that you use in order to reach evidence based conclusions.

You are required to use good quality academic sources throughout your work to support your arguments.
This assignment requires you to justify your choice of key topic, why have you chosen a particular topic, why is it the most relevant topic for discussion? Use evidence to support your choice.
A critical literature review requires you to look at good quality research on your chosen topic to give an overview of the research in this area. This will require you to discuss academic definitions, identify key themes in the literature, and discuss the potential applications and implications of the literature and to show that you understand the quality of the sources that you are using.
Complete your discussions with an overall conclusion which is based on and referenced with quality academic material.

Question 2

You are required to prepare assignment by carefully studying and answering the questions at the end of the case as follow:
The LEGO Case Study 2014 by John Ashcroft and Company.
1. Perform a detail SWOT analysis, with a short explanation of the key points, which are relevant to LEGO. (20 marks)
2. Does LEGO operate in an attractive industry? You can use Porter’s Five Forces to analyse the industry structure. (20 marks)
3. What is LEGO’s core competencies? (15 total marks)
4. What is LEGO’s strategy? (20 marks)
5. Which strategy option(s) will you recommend LEGO for its future growth? Justify. (25 marks)

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