Critical Infrastructure Assets

True/False (2 points each- total 20%)

1. Equally vital to asset identification is the vulnerability audit.

2. A government CIAO report states once a risk assessment is completed, results often lead

to one inescapable conclusion, that security enhancements will never exceed allocated

costs and resources.

3. Prior to 9/11 Presidential Decision Directive # 62 and PDD # 63 (Critical Infrastructure

Protection) were created as a response by the Bush Administration’s desire to address a

perceived deficiency in how we as a nation addressed and assessed national threats.

4. In the period immediately prior to 9/11 Public Law 2077 (June 2000) acted on findings of

the Bremer Commission.

5. Evidence that terrorist organizations have established an infrastructure in the western

hemisphere for the support and conduct of terrorist activities was part of the Bremer

Commission Report.


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