Critical Appraisal

Task 1: Critical Appraisal

Length: 1000-1200 words

A qualitative research paper will be assigned via Blackboard and you will be asked to critically appraise research using the Critical Review Form Version 2.0 (Letts et al 2007) and the accompanying guidelines (Letts et al 2007).

Detailed description for each criterion of the Critical Review Form. Critical discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of sampling, data collection and analysis. Critically discusses conclusion and implications of the reviewed study.

Task 2: Phenomenology and qualitative research

Length: 250 words

Describe the phenomenological approach to qualitative research. Criteria Marks Score

Clear description of the theoretical background and logic of phenomenology Compares to two or more other qualitative approaches.

Identifies topics suitable for a phenomenological. Describes process of data analysis. Discusses bracketing.

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