Critical Appraisal Assessment

-need to critically evaluate the posters for the appraisal. This will involve you writing ONE document which includes TWO poster appraisals.

-The appraisal should be about 3,500 words in length (10% more or less is fine)

In terms of structure, I recommend the following:

•An introductory paragraph about commissioning and stating your aims for this assignment (about 750 words).

•Next, a section titled ‘Critical Appraisal 1’.

•Under this section, you should first describe the poster – what is the commissioning scenario that has been presented?

•Then critically evaluate it by…

providing your opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the poster (stick to content – do not appraise the presentation quality)

How could the posters’ content be applied towards a real healthcare commissioning service? What lessons can be from it?

What theoretical and/or practical aspects of the healthcare commissioning process have not been included that are important?

Linking/relating what has been included on the poster with what you have learned about healthcare commissioning (through these sessions and your own reading)

•Then, start a new section called ‘Critical Appraisal 2’, and do the same kind of critical appraisal again.

•Both critical appraisals should be around 1000 words each

•Then, a conclusion paragraph, in which you summarise what you have written and offer any final thoughts (approximately 750 words)

•Then, an accurate references list (follow the University’s or the Harvard references style).

•Information about the University’s style can be accessed under the ‘Reference Guide’  item in the ‘Course Information’ folder on BREO.

•Information about the Harvard referencing style can be found here:

•You should only reference a document that you have cited! So if there are 10 citations, there should only be 10 references!

•If you do not get your references right, you will definitely be penalised.

•Remember, this is one document comprising of two appraisals

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