Criminology Journal Article Review

Locate a peer-reviewed article published in a criminology journal of your choice (online journals

are acceptable; www or Wikipedia type popular online entries are unacceptable), on any one

subject of:

  1. Disparities based on gender, race, or class in the criminal justice system.
  2. Any form of prejudice discrimination in the legal system based on race or class.
  3. Legal reform movements where our criminal justice/legal system is attempting to overcome racial/class bias.
  4. Movements to reform policing, courts, or corrections.

Read, review, and summarize the article you chose and address the following questions:

1. Is it a research article based on theoretical argument, literature review, or empirical data?

2. What is the specific aim of the article?

3. Does it say anything new and/or important?

4. What problems with the article can you identify?


  • This paper should be at least 2 to 3 pages in length
  • 12-pt times new roman font and double spaced.
  • ASA format for citations
  • Work cited page attached. This should be separate from the length of the paper.

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