Criminology Discussion Questions

1) Is labeling real or is it just something that’s exaggerated to make us be kinder to youth?

The text has some information but you may want to read other sources as well. After you read the assigned chapters, share your thoughts, observations and opinions.
Answer must be 100 words minimum.

1) What is the justification for these laws? What do you suppose the effect is of taking away an ex-offender’s voting rights? Does it unfairly contribute to the labeling of ex-offenders? What role does race play in the effect of these laws? Do you support law reform in this area? If so, what would you propose?

1) What do rational-choice theorists have to contribute to the ongoing “war” against terrorism? Is terrorism rational? In what ways? What counterterrorist strategies can you think of that would be effective against terrorism committed against targets in the United States?

Read Chapters 8 and 9, then answer the following questions:

1-What is CPTED? Give a good explanation. (5 pts.)
2-Which make/model of automobile is most often stolen in the nation?
3-Who was C. Ray Jeffery and what did he believe?

4-Use your own words to explain the following in 2-3 sentences each. Please do not group these answers together. Please explain each one separately in a minimum of 2 sentences. (3 pts.)
Consensus model
Conflict theory
Routine activity
Rational choice
Due process
Equal protection
Labeling theory
Victim precipitation
Target hardening

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