Research Development Proposal Form from Student

Type Research Hypothesis Here:

Example “Shaming persons convicted of petit theft will make them less likely to recidivate.” *Remove this example before submitting.

(Do not write a question like, “Why do people commit crimes?” or “How do serial killers select their victims?”)

Why This Is Important:

Example “There is a position held among certain judges that shaming people will deter them from committing future crimes. For example, we might see a person standing on a street corner holding a sign reading ‘I AM A THIEF.’ It is very likely that they were convicted of shoplifting and sentenced to hold the sign for everyone to see. Accordingly, it is believed that by shaming this person publicly they would be less inclined to commit the same crime again. I believe that this theory is supported by empirical literature.” *Remove this example before submitting.

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