Criminal Law and Liability

Question one is a non-compulsory seen question which means you do NOT have to answer this question.

1. Arjun and his friend, Vivek were practising kickboxing by the river. Arjun was jealous that Vivek was better at kickboxing. During a heated discussion about who was better at the sport, Arjun punched Vivek in the face. Unknown to Arjun, Vivek had a pre-existing head injury and the force of the blow caused him to pass out.

Assuming that Vivek was dead, Arjun dragged Vivek’s body to the riverbank and dumped his body into the river. Arjun fled. A few minutes later, Arjun panicked and ran back to check if Vivek’s body was still visible.

Arjun was running so fast that he bumped into Nancy, an elderly woman who was strolling by the river. Nancy fell over, hurt her hip and was unable to move. Passers-by saw her fall over and called an ambulance.  Nancy was taken to the hospital where she was given incorrect treatment by an overworked doctor in the accident and emergency department. Nancy died a few days later. Medical evidence shows that Vivek was alive when he was thrown into the river and died of drowning.

Advise Arjun of his liability, if any, for homicide.

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