Criminal Justice

You are a governmental manager who is responsible for supervising a chief executive of a criminal justice agency (You can choose either law enforcement or corrections).  You have just been forced to fire that executive for their leadership lapses which led to a scandal involving misconduct by their employees. You need to hire a replacement to restore confidence from both the community and the members of the department.  
•    Using the concepts from this week’s Read sections draft a job description that will be part of the job advertisement for hiring the new chief executive for the agency.
•    Discuss what leadership traits you will be looking for in the newly hired chief executive. Incorporate discussion of the leadership theories from our text to support these choices.
•    What types of experience should this person possess to be successful in this new executive position?
•    Describe how you will evaluate this new executive after one year on the job.  What performance measures do you intend to measure to assess their effectiveness as a leader. Provide four specific areas that you will expect to see improvement in the leadership of the agency. How will you measure these areas?

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