Creating a Set of Business Requirements

Instruction for the assignment:


In this assignment you will be asked to create a set of business requirements. As a leader you will often be required to oversee your units’ involvement in the creation of this document and sign off as the business lead. For this assignment, focus on a small analytic project and review chapter eight in the textbook to help shape your ideas.


Look at the business intelligence dashboard samples in Unit 1. Using this and what you have learned so far create a business requirements document for an analytic project either using experiences from your work or your personal life. Assume that any data you need has been collected. This project will be due at the end of Unit 4. Be sure to include a project statement, business purpose, and requirements. Implementation, monitoring, and security will be covered in a future assignment and will not need to be included here.


Using the template attached to this unit as a base, create a basic business requirements document for an analytic project that interests you. For example, create requirements for a dashboard to monitor the cost of wine and cheese from the unit 1 data.

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