Covid Effects And Vaccines


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Problem 1

You have been hired to be the head of a COVID-19 task force for Suffolk County and answer to the governor, in writing, with recommendations for this area of Long Island. Begin your paper with an Abstract, which summarizes the (1) overall purpose of the study and the research problem, (2) the basic design of the study, (3) major findings or trends, and (4) recommendations. ** Sometimes it is easier to write this brief paragraph at the end when more information has been gathered! Next, include an Introduction, which explains about the details about the virus, it’s origin, timeframe and any other facts. Then, the Problem, which includes statistics of age groups effected, those not affected, mortality rates and changes in how we have dealt with the virus in the past year. Next, the Solutions and Treatments. This includes drugs, therapeutics, and vaccines; pros and cons of what was initially done and what is now recommended and any experimental treatments and how they work. Also, define a “vaccine” and why the one that has now been developed really is an “experimental gene therapy”! And lastly, Recommendations. From what you learned from your research and using the scientific method and experimental design, make logical recommendations.

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