COVID-19 and Social Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic sheds light on many areas of sociological interest. For example, not all groups have been affected uniformly in terms of contracting the illness itself and dealing with those consequences, which include death, disability, large medical bills, and children becoming orphans. Social policies related to limiting the spread of COVID-19 have not been equitable. For example, remote schooling has further disadvantaged some children, and not all workers have jobs conducive to working from home. Some subpopulations were at greater risk of consuming misinformation about vaccines while others lacked access to the vaccines.


  1. Choose one aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that illustrates inequality in the United States. For example, your topic could explore the relationship between death rates and race or remote schooling and social class. Begin by explaining why you chose your topic.
  2. How is your COVID-19 topic related to inequality in the United States? How is your COVID-19 topic related to inequality around the world?
  3. Why might sociologists be interested in studying COVID-19 and its consequences?

You are expected to use examples and reliable sources to support your arguments. This writing assignment should be 4 to 5 pages (1000 to 1375 words) using 12-point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins. You are required to have citations for this paper and an APA-formatted reference section. Your paper should have an introduction and a conclusion.

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