Country Analysis Assignment

Write at least a five-page essay (excluding Works Cited) in MLA format on the country assigned to you. Do the following for your essay—

  1. a brief geographical description of the country
  2. the colonial history of the country
  3. who were the colonial power/master?
  4. how did they get to the country?
  5. how long was the colonial power in the country?
  6. what was the roadmap of political independence in the country?
  7. when was independence achieved?
  8. who was/were the leader(s) in the achievement of independence?
  9. did they have any tactics (guerilla or otherwise) in the achievement of independence?
  10. what is the official language of your country? Is it the language of the colonial power?
  11. what is the economy of the country like today?
  12. what is the political climate of your country in Africa today after independence?
  13. who is the leader of your country and is s/he popular? If not, why?
  14. Any other information you would want to share.

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