Countering Violent Extremism in the Caribbean

Some points to consider:

This is culture and anthropology paper using Trinidad as the background information using Agars Theory and Malinowski model to understand the culture. The Bold are my paragraph headings with a brief explanation of what I planned to put there. Please add as you need. I also put some of the base references I was going to use to include the Malinowski model hyperlink. Please let me know if you have any questions.

This paper first and foremost is an attempt to build critical understanding of how peoples (LC2s) form and sustain relevant identities in a region from their perspective. You are the LC1, or ethnographer (not an organization, not a branch, but an individual), and using the Malinowski Method (to be read by Week 3), you have to ascertain the significant and meaningful identities that are relevant to the population you are interested in. Thus, mitigating preconceived biases you bring with you is critical as it gets in the way of the cultural and social messages from those you are interacting with and being open to the rich points.  If we don’t grasp how they identify themselves and the behavior associated with that identity, everything to the left is deficient.

Thus, this paper might not solve existential problems or fill a need to reconcile mission goals

* Understand Agar and his theory and how it parses it into components, LC1, LC2, rich points and suppositions and apply that to your topic and paper. If you come back with a paper that is the result of this, and only this, you have been successful.

* Understand your role as LC1, you are mitigating biases by approaching this exercise from “their” perspective using rich points

* This paper isn’t a solution paper, it is building awareness and understanding

* This class rightly blows up the concept of culture

* The context of languacultures is pre-eminent.

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