Cost Estimation

Question 1


  • Determine why project risk management is a key component to bringing a project to a successful conclusion. Include an example to support your answer.
  • Reflecting on your example, describe the relationship between project risk management and cost estimation.
    • Please provide a reference.

Question 2

Review pages 38-41 from the attached PDF in the course text regarding ethical considerations in the use of information security tools. The text for this course will provide you with several tools and hands-on exercises which you will be encouraged to try out from a White Hat Hacker perspective. Therefore, you will be required to conform to the standards of ethical behavior not only from the tools of the trade, but also for the high standards held by this university. In a separate attached Word document, write and submit your agreement to comply using the example wording at the top of page 41.

Question 3

Your consulting organization has been hired to develop computer systems for the United Nations in the Middle East.

Create a Risk Information Sheet for at least five potential risks that should be considered. At least three of the risks you choose should be business continuity and IT disaster recovery related. As part of this, consider man-made and natural risks that might apply to this particular situation.


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