Correctional Policies and Practices

Question 1

Address the following in 850–1,100 words:

  • What constitutional amendment(s) are typically the focus when issues are raised with corrections and correctional policies and practices? Explain.
  • What are the amendment(s) designed to do? Explain.
  • Describe and discuss the specific provisions of the amendment(s) as they relate to corrections.
  • Assess whether current correctional policies do enough to protect the civil rights of inmates. Identify a particular contemporary issue, such as searches of inmates or their cells, or the provision of health care services within institutions, or policies around solitary confinement.
  • Do correctional policies do enough, or should policies do more to protect civil liberties? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
  • Court opinions represent one of the best sources of information regarding this particular task. You can also find white papers published by correctional policy organizations, and law review articles can also provide you with valuable information.

Use at least 3 legitimate sources. Be sure to format your references using APA style.

Question 2

Q1: What would the possible implications have been, historically, if the U.S. had adopted a unitary rather than federal constitution? What might have been different in terms of social stability, economics development, and the protection of political and civil rights?

Q2: What are the merits of adopting a fedral constitution as a way of addressing situations of group fragmentation and multi-ethnic politics, in a country such like iraq?

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