core objective assessment

This is a 3 page written paper analyzing and examining primary and secondary source
documents designed to evaluate the State Core Objectives of critical thinking, communication, social
responsibility, and personal responsibility.
Based on your chosen primary source, your essay must address the following questions and issues:
 Who wrote the document? Who is the intended audience of the document?
 What is the author attempting to illustrate or do with the document? Why was the document written?
 What can be learned about the culture that produced this document? What can be learned about the
mentality of the author?
 At the time the document was written, there were different cultural groups in the United States other
than the one represented by the author of the document; identify one or more of these cultural groups
and explain how they might react differently to this document.
 Describe an ethical situation, issue, or problem presented in the document and explain how the author
proposes to resolve that situation, issue, or problem.
 What do you think about the importance of this document to American history? Do you agree or
disagree with the author? Explain.
Primary Source Documents

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