Conventional Keyboard

1.1 Discuss the ways in which a full-page word processor is or is not a direct manipulation interface for editing a document using Shneiderman’s criteria. What features of a modern word processor break the metaphor of composition with pen (or typewriter) and paper?  (15)
1.2 What is the distinction between a process-oriented and a structure-oriented design rationale technique? Would you classify psychological design rationale as a process or structure oriented?  (10)
1.3 Briefly discuss what is the basic architecture of a computer system?  (5)
2.1 Discuss how do you think new, fast, high-density memory devices and quick processors have influenced recent development in Human Computer Interaction, do they make systems any easier to use, and expand the range of application of computer systems?  (10)
2.2 What are the Norman’s SEVEN principles for transforming difficult tasks into simple ones?  (14)
2.3 What influence does the social environment in which you work have on your interaction with the computer, and what effect does the organization (commercial or academic) to which you belong have on the interaction?  (10)
3.1 What input and output devices would you use for the following systems? For each, compare and contrast alternatives, and if appropriate indicate why the conventional keyboard, mouse and CRT screen may be less suitable. (26)
A. Portable Word Processor
B. Tourist Information System
C. Tractor-mounted crop-spraying controller
D. Air Traffic Control System
E. Worldwide Personal Communications System
F. Digital Cartographic System.

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