Requirements:Four-five pages.Six sources required (any non-online sources must be brought into class & shown to me on the day the draft is due)Draft follows this outline:(1) Introduction that explains the controversy to the reader and ends with the claim that the paper will support. This should be only 1 paragraph long.(2) Reasons for believing one side of the controversy. This should be at least 2 paragraphs long.(3) Reasons for believing the other side of the controversy. This should be at least 2 paragraphs long.(4) Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides, ending with a judgment of which side has the stronger argument. This should be at least 1 paragraph long.Grading Rubric Weights:Length: 60 pointsSource Count: 30 pointsAssignment: 10 pointsGrade will be part of Activities grade for the quarter.
OUTLINE FOR 2-SIDES PAPERREVISING/WRITING/CONFERENCING DAY: Wednesday, May 16.Bring file of your paper (or have access to a file of your paper from the internet) to the lab (30-303). If you submitted a file on Monday, May 15, you can use the file I will send to you in class on Wednesday, May 17.2 SIDES PAPER (due Monday, May 21)Requirements:Paper follows outline on Assignment Sheet.Revision of Draft.Respond to all comments on draft either through revision or discussion with instructor.First person only in Intro & Evaluation.Note: Turn in copy of draft with my notes on it along with paper.Grading Rubric Weights:Sentence Quality 40 pointsSentences meet college-level of grammar, mechanics, and formality. Paragraph Construction 40 pointsIntroduction ends with the main claim of the paper (which side will be found to have the stronger argument).Paragraphs begins with a transition that connects the idea of the previous paragraph to the idea of the new paragraph.The transition between Side 1 & Side 2 is more obvious than other transitions in the paper (since it signals are larger shift in the paper than from just one paragraph to the next).Paragraphs announce their ¶ idea after the transition.Paragraphs stay focused on the idea of the idea sentence.Paragraphs flow coherently from sentence to sentence.Paragraph has at least five sentences and no more than nine sentences.Paragraph is no shorter than ¼ of a page and no longer than ¾ of a page.Paragraphs have twice as many of your words as quoted words. First paragraph states the main claim of the paper (at the end of the paragraph).Paragraphs average about one citation per paragraph.Assignment 20 pointsPaper meets requirements.MLA format is good.Revision procedures per syllabus have been followed.

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