Control Variable

Question 1
Fred Fantastic works in the university library and he has been asked to prepare a survey about students’ use of the library services. Fred has drafted two questions. One question aims to determine how often students visit the library and the other question aims to determine students’ reasons for visiting the library. Carefully review the questions and response choices commenting on any problems you see in their design.
a. How often do you visit the library?
At least several times a week
A few times a month
Not very often
I have not visited the library
Once or twice
(5 marks)
b. What services do you use when you visit the library?
The online catalogue
The meeting rooms
I usually borrow books
I return books
(5 marks)
Question 2
Define the following terms (ensure you use in-text references to your sources):
a. independent variable
b. dependent variable
c. control variable
(3 x 3 marks = 9 marks)

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