Contract Law

As part of the assessment in Contract Law, you will undertake a piece of coursework which is worth 80% of your overall module mark. The other 20% will consist of an exam undertaken at the end of the year. Please note that while you will work on this coursework as part of seminars, the written work that you submit must be produced by you only – it is an individual piece of work.
The coursework will be a 1500 words piece of work based on the Case Study which follows. You will see from the programme outline in the module handbook that there will be five classes dedicated to the case study coursework. The classes can be summarized as follows.
• A introductory seminar to introduce you the client and the case study bundle
• A face-to-face lecture offering advice on how to prepare for the interview with the client
• A face-to-face lecture offering advice on how to write up the coursework
• A seminar in which you will interview the client and have an opportunity to discuss the facts and issues with your tutor
• A seminar which will be given over to reviewing your formative feedback (designed to help develop the technique you will need for the coursework) and answering question questions about the coursework
These classes will support you as you develop your submission of a written piece of advice of 1500 words due to be submitted by via the Turnitin drop box on the module Moodle site. Full instructions on how to submit will be available via Moodle.
During the case study coursework seminars, you will have the opportunity to discuss the issues in the case study, plan and conduct a client interview and receive formative feedback from your seminar leader which will help you to prepare to write your assessed work. You will also receive additional information and instructions at the sessions.
The final piece of written work will take the form of a written piece of advice to the client. However, it should be written in the form of a traditional academic essay, with accurate OSCOLA referencing and a full bibliography; it should not be written as a letter. You will only submit your final 1500 words piece of advice as the final piece of coursework – you will not submit responses to the questions that you worked on as part of the introductory work in class.
Your assessment is not, of course, a real letter to a real client and so there is a limit to how realistic it can or should be. You will not be required to gather documents – that is done for you in this Case Study – but you will need to draft a piece of written work which sets out what the legal issues in the case are, the relevant law and your conclusions on how a court is likely to apply the law to reach a conclusion. This will involve using the law in much the same way as you would in a problem question. Therefore, we would encourage you to adopt the ILAC technique to structure your answer. You will receive guidance on this in the coursework classes and there are also resources in Moodle to help you (including video tutorials). Please look in the Coursework Support section on Moodle to find those resources. As this is coursework and not really a genuine set of papers, you will also have to reference any sources in the usual way and include a bibliography.
Remember that many of your questions can and will be answered in seminars – but if you have a question which does not seem to be covered, please use the discussion forum on Moodle. This is a good place to ask as others can benefit from the answers too.
Assessment Criteria
Students are referred to the Contract Law Moodle site and to the module handbook where they will find the assessment criteria for Level Four modules.

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