Content Overview

Assignment #1 Based on one article you have to write a review. Your review report should be no more than five pages in length, double-spaced; excluding the cover page and references, a font size of 12, and it should focus on adult learning and development.  One of the purposes of this assignment is to help you to develop your ability to understand and respond to academic work on adult learning and development. In addition, the article review is intended to assist you to do an in-depth reading about the adult learning and development. Your report should address four central issues, which are an introduction, content overview, a critique of the article and some recommendations to improve the article. The introduction should be concise; it should focus on the author’s aim for writing the article as well as the way the article is organized. The content overview should a brief summary of the contents of the article. Here, you should describe the contents of the article.

For example, what is the author’s stated theme in the article, and what is the purpose of the article? In the critique section, you discuss your opinion about the article. For example, how well developed are the author’s arguments, and how convincing is his/her argument? What do you see as the key strength and weakness of the article? What (if any) particular features of the article deserve special attention article? Would you consider the article a useful contribution to the field of adult learning and development? In the recommendations section, you offer some suggestions that you believe would help improve the article. For example, are there some issues or questions about the topic that the writer overlooked or failed to address? Here is the marking (15%) rubric for this assignment. Introduction –

1 Content overview –

2 Critique or analysis -4 Recommendations to improve article –

4 Overall quality of review report (e.g., writing style, Grammar, structure, APA style, reference list, etc.) –

4 Total Marks: 15

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