Contemporary Theory

  •  Develop, explore and critique people and organization management
    approaches with reference to contemporary theory and an understanding of current practice
  •  To understand the importance and complexity involved in managing
    organizations, especially the domain of people management.
  •  A conceptual understanding of the core theories in understanding people and their role in organisations


Many global companies and brands such as Marks and Spencer, Nike, Apple, SAP and Wal-Mart achieve competitive advantage and increase their bottom-line by outsourcing production, support and other non-core business activities to developing nations.
While these outsourcing operations bring many advantages, especially economic prosperity to these nations, it also creates challenges such as social problems, cultural issues and work life imbalance. Some of these outsourced operations are also referred as ‘sweatshops’, which not only applies to blue-collar operations such as garment factories, but also to white-collar operations such as IT/BPO operations.

Take an organization or industry of your choice that carryout out-sourced work in Sri Lanka and critically evaluate the challenges faced by the managers. Based on your study, recommend ways to address the challenges.

1. Critically identify the benefits and challenges common to the industry that you have selected.
2. Critically evaluate the industry group norms and behaviors.
3. Critically analyze the motivating factors and motivating strategies
deployed in these organizations.
4. Critically assess challenges faced by the leadership and managers of the
organization and how they respond to these challenges presently and outline your recommendations.
5. Use relevant theories and secondary data where necessary to support your arguments.

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