Contemporary Nursing Issue Project

Guidelines and Rubric for the Contemporary Nursing Issue Project

The purpose of this assignment is to address one aspect of a contemporary nursing issue by proposing an evidence-based strategy for the profession of nursing to implement. This is a two- part assignment including a narrative issue paper and a presentation poster. You will turn in two

  • drafts of the issue paper before the final graded submission.

The following course objectives will be addressed with this assignment:

  • Discuss the use of health models and evidence-based practice in professional nursing.
    • Demonstrate cognitive abilities required of the baccalaureate nurse for professional nursing practice.
    • Identify various roles of the professional, baccalaureate nurse for management of quality patient care within the health care delivery system and community.
    • Analyze issues in the health care system that influence professional nursing practice.

After this assignment, you will be able to:

  1. Search relevant literature to gather evidence to explain and address a contemporary nursing issue.
  2. Through consultation with evidence-based literature, construct a specific first action with supporting evidence to address a contemporary nursing issue.
  3. Articulate evidence-based support for a contemporary nursing issue and a strategy to address it through a narrative paper.
  4. Create a presentation poster to disseminate information to professional colleagues.


  1. Select a partner who shares an interest in a contemporary nursing issue. (OPTIONAL – you may complete this project individually or as a pair. No more than 2 people may work together.)
  2. Identify a specific problem within that contemporary professional nursing issue. Find the problem/issue by examining your textbook, watching television, listening to the news, reading the newspaper, attending political meetings, or simply by reflecting on your surrounding work environments. The American Nurse’s Association website provides information on current health/nursing issues (
  3. Collect published information to write a literature-based explanation of the issue. Then you will propose a specific strategy to address one specific cause or negative outcome of the issue. Finally, you will collect published information to support that the proposed strategy will work to address that one cause or outcome. You will create two drafts (3% and 5% of your grade) a narrative issue paper (25% of course grade) and a presentation poster (10% of course grade) to disseminate your literature-based issue and strategy. Assume your paper and presentation poster will be used to present the issue and strategy to nursing colleagues.

Part A

Write a narrative issue paper on the selected contemporary nursing issue.

  • The position paper will include the following components:
    • Explanation of the contemporary nursing issue to include its significance to nursing.
    • Proposed strategy to address one cause or negative outcome of the issue.
    • Adequate and appropriate data to support the strategy will indeed work to address that one cause or negative outcome of the issue.
  • Must use at least 5 references. References must be up-to-date (less than 5 years old unless historically significant or foundational).
  • Drafts of the paper will be turned in throughout the course via the designated assignment link for faculty feedback the week of Module 2 and Module 4 as noted on the course calendar.
  • Be sure to review the outline and sample format documents provided.
  • Create your paper in Microsoft Word, using APA format (7th edition). Be sure to use proper font, line spacing, margins, title page, citations/reference list, page numbering, headings, etc.
  • Be sure to review the Guidelines and Grading Rubric before and throughout creation of your paper.

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