Contemporary Advertising

Module: Contemporary Advertising:

Contemporary Advertising is a level six single module, with a credit rating of 15

Format of Assessment:
There are two assessments.

Assessment one is a 2000 word individual mid-semester formative Creative report brief

1- Assessment One: Analysing the context in which your chosen organization works, campaign objectives, an understanding of customers, including motivation, message strategy, and core message themes (Campaign brief template will be provided to assist you in structuring your report).

2-Assessment Two: is an individual presentation pitch, Demonstrating how you would implement your campaign, including examples of contemporary creative approaches and a media plan. A demonstration will be required regarding scheduling of market research, advertising perspiration, reach or coverage, timely use of appropriate media, costing and campaign evaluation.

you also need to do a powerpoint slides for me and I will present it on my own in school.

the first assessment is a campaign creative brief follow by a presentation pitch of your campaigns as an advertising agency.

your role is as an advertising agent you need to present the creative brief and advertising proposal for the client which is Chobani Greek Yogurt

I want you to write Creative brief for Chobani Yogurt because you can emphasize the emotional and physical benefits of Chobani Greek Yogurt

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