Contaminates Found In Water Bodies


TOPIC: Investigating different types of contaminates found in a various bodies of water in LA.

The task consists of writing a literature review on the topic above.The deadline is fixed, so the earlier you can deliver the paper, the better. All articles you use need to be academic papers (so NO wikipedia, or blogs or .com websites)- i prefer journal articles for this work. This is a GIS programming paper. The journals/articles should help give information and/or ideas moving forward with the topic. The point of this paper is to come up with spatial questions based on the topic, giving a general background on the topic, and the importance of it. Some spatial questions can be: How will the “contaminant” affect the marine ecosystem over time? How will it affects the population around that body of water?

Please properly cite the journals/articles. The literature Review should be at least 2 pages, single spaced, 11-pt font. The citation should be in APA format and also the in text citations.

Links of articles: (at least 5 sources) If you need more sources, please only search with 1. Google Scholar and 2. ESRI website, tutorials, and documentation

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