Consumer Experience Investigation

This assignment aims to train you to observe and analyze the various strategies brands use to influence consumer behavior in their retail and digital environment. Visit a Zara store (BOTH online and physical) and observe how the products are offered. SUBMISSION: Audit Excel Sheet + Report PPT


Once at the store use the Customer Experience Audit Assessment grid to measure key touch points on a scale of 1-5.

Take notes for each category, and describe the triggers and activations (environment vs products vs people), note the distinct mental responses you feel (sensation vs interpretation vs attitude), try to go in the sore with both a exogenously driven attention and with endogenously driven attention so with a specific product or goal in mind. 


The presentation should cover the following in a 10-12 slide report use the notes from the audit to complete:

1. Sensorial – pick three total sensory techniques you feel were the most effective and explain why.

2. Awareness – share at least one cognitive technique you feel was the most effective and explain why.

3. Emotional – share at least one emotional strategy you feel was the most effective and explain why.

4. Personal – share at least one individual identity design you feel was the most effective and explain why.

5. Negatives – share three strategies you feel were the least effective and explain why.

6. Create one new activation which you feel will improve the experience and explain why.

You must describe the above items as an experiential marketer and NOT in generic terms. Example – ‘I didn’t like the colour of the employees’ uniform’ is generic vs ‘The colour of the employees’ uniform did not match the brand’s established colours, so this activation of visual trigger does not work; it is not optimized for branding.’

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