Consultancy International

Question 1 (60%)
You are a business trainer attached to Almera Consultancy International. You have been given the task of training a group of new employees from a a large company called Solexion Communications. The session that you will be doing is entitled ‘The basics of non-verbal communication’.
•  Prepare an article for the participants that will consist of the notes on the above topic.
•  Your article should be at least about 500 to 600 words long and consist of 5 main points.You must provide relevant elaborations and examples.
•  You must also include an introduction, conclusion and any other relevant information that the participants need to consider.
•  Include at least two photographs that are relevant to your essay. Your
assignment file size, after you have zipped it, should not be more that 5 megabytes. You must also include the sources for your photographs.

Question 2 (40%)
Some of your company personnel will be going on a business trip to New Delhi, India. The Marketing Director has asked you to brief the team on what they need to look out for in the area of cross-cultural communication.
• Prepare a presentation handout for the participants that will consist of the notes on the above topic. Your handout should be at least about 400 words long. It must consist of four points on each of the areas given below with examples for each point :
•  dressing
•  behaviour
•  communication

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