Constructivism Learning Theory

In this course, you are required to write two brief “think papers.” The text of
each of these papers should be no longer than six double-spaced,
typewritten pages, plus a separate page for references and a separate title
page, for a total of eight pages. Page margins should be at least 1 inch at
the top, bottom, left, and right of each page. Use 12 point font. Each paper
will contribute 15 points toward your final grade in the course (see course
You are to use the style and format of the American Psychological
Association (APA) as described in the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association (7th edition). Copies of the APA Publication
Manual are available in the Bennett and Belzberg Libraries (shelved in the
stacks, on reserve, and at the Reference Desks). Copies also are available
for purchase at the SFU Bookstore. As well, there are numerous resources
on-line and there will be some help provided in the tutorials.
Your second Think Paper assignment is to respond to the following:
Give brief summaries of constructivism and situated learning theory.
Then, discuss their application. Lastly, compare and contrast them.
Be sure not to confuse social constructivism with social
constructionism as discussed in class.
Tips: Deal with the issue being posed. Make each phrase relevant to the
case you are attempting to make. Use precise language to minimize
ambiguity. Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and expression.
Marks may be deducted for such mistakes, particularly when they muddle
the points you are making. It is advisable also to have another person
proofread your paper. Plan! You have a small space in which to describe
and explain your ideas clearly. Composing an outline for your paper before
writing it will help.

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