Construction Project Tender

LO1Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the current and emerging principles of cost estimating and tendering of construction projects.
LO2Quantify and value construction works by building up rates, analysing the costs of labour, materials, plant, profits and overheads; and pursuing sustainable solutions.
LO3Demonstrate logical and critical thinking, the ability to draw upon research and vocational experience and to integrate theory and good practice in estimating.
LO4Describe the competitive tender process, the process of preparing tender documentation in the construction industry and articulate good industry practice.


You have recently joined a large contracting organisation as an estimator, whose head office operates from central London in the United Kingdom (UK). Your organisation has been invited to tender for the construction of a health care facility in the Heathrow area, which operates one of the busiest airports in Europe. The health care centre will serve the local Heathrow community who currently have to travel 50 miles away to receive urgent medical care.

The proposed site is on the outskirts of Heathrow town centre and is adjacent to a primary school and small convenience store. Access to and around the site is very restricted, with only sufficient space for two porta cabins and one storage container. The site has derelict buildings which were used as workshops for car battery manufacturing and will need to be demolished as part of the contract.

The Heathrow local authority is under immense pressure to complete the project on time and within budget. Pressure has increased in the last 18 months, due to the Covid-19 posing a serious health risk to the community.

Heathrow local authority is committed to meeting its sustainability target. To demonstrate this, one of the local authority’s requirements is that tenders include proposals of how sustainability will be achieved during the construction phase of the project.

The local authority is keen on mitigating any potential incidences of vandalism and have included as a requirement, temporal security fencing around the site boundary, a security guard during the night and 24hr security lighting.

Task 1

Prepare a report for your chief estimator to support the completion of the tender submission by the estimating department.

Your report should include sections on the following:

  • two sustainable proposals your organisation will recommend as applicable during the construction phase (approximately 250 words);
  • consideration of the risks associated with the project (approximately 350 words);
  • how the preliminary items for site security could be priced. Include examples of specific rate calculations to support your discussion (approximately 250 words).

Your report (approximately 1,000 words) should include an introduction and conclusion sections (approximately 150 words). The word counts above are indicative and provide a guide of the weighting of each section of the report.

An Executive Summary and recommendation are not required.

(Note: Word count allowance for Task 2 may not be transferred to Task 1)

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