Constant Expression

Question 1

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For the reaction: 2NO(g) + H2(g) <=> N2O(g) + H2O(g) + energy

  1. Write the equilibrium constant expression for the reaction.This reaction takes place at 25°C.
    At 25°C. At this temperature, the concentration of NO is found to be 1.75 mol/L, the concentration of H2 is 3.00 mol/L, the concentration of N2O is 4.00 mol/L, and the concentration of H2O is 1.25 mol/L. Using the balanced chemical equation, calculate the equilibrium constant for this system.

Question 2

Did the ethnicity exist in ancient times? Describe and explain the sense of ethnicity in Ancient Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe.

1000-1500 words.

Question 3

Does a wider trunk mean it’s an older tree?

What does a wide ring mean? What kind of conditions might give you a wide ring?

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