Students are required to watch the above live performances and submit “reviews” of the full performance, these must be classical concerts. The performances must be Classical music concerts with representation of composers prior to 1950. A full grade lower will be given in that one does not attend the full concert (Arriving late or leaving early). Deadline dates for each review are posted on the Canvas website. There will be NO extensions.

  1. Write a complete review of the concert (500 words or more). Include the following in the review: (a) Name, date and place of the performance (b) Name of the performers (i.e. “Houston Symphony”, Conductor, Soloist etc.) (c) Name of each composition(s) performed (Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5” 2 nd movement is allegro) Titles are in quotations and movements are in Italics. (d) Description of each composition performed: (Include information about the “elements” of the music, as discussed in Chapter 1, Topic 1 in the textbook. This will require knowledge of the terms and instruments.) (e) Discuss historical context of the pieces and/or composers. (This information may be obtained from Google, the program notes, record jackets and should be documented) [Wiki is NOT a source], however, ALL must be cited. No more than 3% of the paper can be in historical context. If it is found that you have used Wiki you will be asked to redo using another source. This portion will require footnotes and citations. (f) Discuss what you liked and disliked about each composition. Give your personal reasons.

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