Concepts for Moving Toward the Future

  1.  The concepts presented in your textbook are somewhat unconventional when compared with traditional leadership textbooks. Consider the introductory information  in Chapter 1 from the first week of class and use one of the exemplars from Chapter 14, or 15,  or 16  to write a two-paragraph position/job description for a leadership position in your organization and present in the discussion board. In other words the leadership description should include concepts from the textbook and include concepts from the reading assignment this week.
  2. Review the resources listed and discussed in the Power Point presentation this week. What resources might you use in your practice setting to enhance your leadership skills?
  3. List any three leadership ideas/concepts that you will “take away” from the course. How do you plan to incorporate these ideas into your practice/work setting?
  4. Tell us how you did with your weekly self-care goal!

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