Comprehensive Client Assessment

Question 1

  1. Think of an experience in which you received help of any kind (not necessarily from a mental health professional). Then, in a 2-3 pages paper, please complete the following:
  • Rate the helper using the “Helper Rating Form” . Make sure to attach the completed form to your paper.
  • Select 4 of the ratings on the Rating Form, and explain how they relate to your experience.
  • What expectations, assumptions and did you bring to the helping process?
  • What assumptions and expectations do you think the helper brought to it?
  • How has the experience shaped your skills as a counselor in training?

Question 2


  • Compare legal and ethical considerations for group and family therapy to legal and ethical considerations for individual therapy
  • Analyze the impact of legal and ethical considerations on therapeutic approaches for clients in group and family therapy
  • Recommend strategies to address legal and ethical considerations for group and family therapy.

Question 3

Create a comprehensive client assessment for your selected client family that addresses (without violating HIPAA regulations)

Develop a genogram for the client family you selected. The genogram should extend back at least three generations (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents).



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