Compliance Issues

Question 1

(1) Write a short paper that evaluates the mission and vision of each hospital’s HIM department. Then take the best from each of the three mission and vision statements to develop a new mission statement and new vision statement for the unified Gateway Healthcare Systems HIM department.

(2) Using a SWOT matrix, conduct a SWOT analysis on the Gateway Healthcare Systems HIM department. You will need to analyze each of the three hospitals and consider their workflow processes, as well as the current state of EHR, cultural diversity, staffing issues, and compliance issues. Once the SWOT analysis is complete, write at least three SMART goals addressing cultural, diversity, human resources, and compliance. The specific elements of the assignment are attached. Please put this part of the assignment on separate pages.

Question 2

The Visual (Spatial) Learning Style

write a one-page description of how you learn, including both what is effective and what is not. Also be sure to mention how you feel your signature strengths apply to your learning style.

Question 3

Just choose an Article from “Human Resource 741-Organization Development Book” and write an assignment, A SWOT diagram analysis a project or business venture by focusing on four factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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