competitive landscape

Question 1

In a Harvard Business Review article entitled ‘Why Sustainability is the New Driver of Innovation’, the authors stated that:
“…the quest for sustainability is already starting to transform the competitive landscape, which will force companies to change the way they think about products, technologies, processes, and business models. The key to progress, particularly in times of economic crisis, is innovation….”. (Nidumolo, Prahalad and Rangaswami 2009, p. 58)
Critically discuss the relevance of the above perspective in the Asia region. Support your discussion with ideas from relevant theories and concepts, as well as the use of real- life organisational examples.
In another words, the statement presents an idea that sustainability is the driver for innovation (ie. leading to new ideas, new methods, new products/services, new processes etc); and that firms that embrace sustainability towards innovation will gain competitive advantage (superior performance over other players in the industry). Is this relevant in Asia? Please support with theories, concepts and organisational examples.
Question 2
Identify an economic issue from a firm, industry or market of your choice. State the questions you are trying to address and the tools that can help in your analysis. Conclude from your analysis and outline the implications of your findings for business or government policy. Illustrate your answer with data and evidence as appropriate.

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