Competent Health Care

Question 1

Different cultures view death and dying differently. Choose a culture, other than your own and using your Culturally Competent Health Care textbook by Larry Purnell or the Internet:

  • Describe that culture’s current views and possible ceremonial processes, honoring the death and dying of their loved ones.
  • You may find some ethical dilemmas, according to your standards, so you may want to discuss how you feel about them.
  • This assignment must be between one half to one page in length. Please use correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice, and APA formatting with in-text citations and references.

Question 2

Watch the Frontline PBS film “Death by Fire .” (2010). After viewing, answer the following questions in a 1.5-2 page Essay:

  • Is it morally permissible to execute an individual with little evidence?
  • The imposition of capital punishment has been marred by errors in convictions, racial discrimination, and other problems in its administration over the years. Do you believe these problems will ever be eliminated? If they were eliminated, would it be permissible to use capital punishment more frequently as a punishment for severe crimes?
  • Do you think it was morally right to execute Todd Willingham? Why or why not? Is this good from a utilitarian point of view?

Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format.

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