Compensation and Benefits

Pay Grades and Ranges at CSI
Write an introduction which establishes your topic and makes it clear what will be discussed in the paper. Indent each paragraph of your introduction.
Pay Grades
Based on the 10 different job titles within the plant, determine how many pay grades you would anticipate and what criteria you will use to make this decision. You may want to identify the pay grade for each of the 10 positions to help clarify your response.
Pay Ranges
Explain what external data you will use to create your pay ranges. Explain if you will use the same data for each position and provide reasoning for your decision.
Pay Range Spread
Explain how you will determine the pay range spread and if you will use the same approach for each grade. Explain your response.
Red-Circle Rates
Explain what Red Circle Rates are and how you will address them should they should occur.
Green-Circle Rates
Explain what Green Circle Rates are and how you will address them should they should occur.
In this section, you should wrap up the paper by summarizing the main points. This section should not introduce or contain new information.

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