Comparing Boys’ and Girls’ Interests

Go to and search for “girls magazines subscriptions” and “girls toys.” Then search for “boys magazines subscriptions” and “boys toys.”
Review the options provided from these four searches.
Reflect on your findings using the following questions:
Based on these magazine and toy options, what sort of things are girls and boys interested in?
What features/content make the magazines for boys masculine? What features/content make the magazines for girls feminine?
Do you think this might have a meaningful socializing impact on individuals’ sense of gender identity?
Do you think that differences between boys and girls have driven how these magazines and toys are marketed, or do you think how these magazines/toys are marketed has driven differences in between boys and girls?
What sorts of long-term impacts could these toys and magazines have on boys and girls? Could they have an impact on jobs? Relationships? Hobbies? Life goals? Other aspects in adulthood?
Select one of the theories of gender socialization outlined in chapter 5. Interpret your findings through this perspective.

Chapter 5 is upload.

Your paper should be two- to three-pages in length;
be written in size 12 font and double spaced;
not have a cover page or heading (your name, date, etc.); and be your original work.

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