Company Product Portfolio Analysis

What do you need to do for this assessment?  


You are required to individually write a report analysing a company of your choice.

•          perform product portfolio analysis in order to get an insight into the likely opportunities and problems associated with company’s product portfolio. 

•          explain growth strategies for marketing

•          identify potential market entries and explain branding decision.   

•          include future recommendations of how your chosen company should move forward based on your findings.

Your report will support the company you have chosen in adopting the right corporate strategies to implement in moving forwarded to become a stronger business, gaining a greater competitive advantage. Through the analytical lens of the corporate and marketing environment, detail the direction in which the company should move forward. Your will then propose a new strategy that can take advantage of new business opportunities with the benefit of hindsight. 


Your report should be divided into the following 7 sections.

Section 1: Introduction (150-200)

Section 2: Description of Business, Product and Industry (200-300)

Section 3: Product portfolio analysis (400 -500)

Section 4: Growth strategies for marketing (400-500)

Section 5: Global marketing (800-1000)

Section 6: Conclusion and Recommendations (200 – 250 words)

Section 7: Reference list (not included in the word count) 

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

Your written report must include all sections as described above.

All sections of the report require that you conduct secondary research making use of academic as well as non-academic sources. 

Remember to include the reasons for future direction and how to gain a greater competitive advantage. 

Referencing style:

Each section of the report should be adequately supported with reference to sources (minimum 10 references). You must include a Harvard style reference list at the end of your report.  

Expected word count:

You are expected to write 2500 words (-/+ 15%), following the specific structure outlined above.

Example: You must type your assessment in Arial font 11, with single spacing

The assessment will be marked using the following areas and weightings:

–           Content (35%): 

-All key information stipulated in the Task Instructions (Sections 1-6) is present and the main points of each area are well highlighted. 

-Demonstrates a good knowledge and understanding of the theories relevant to product portfolio analysis and various growth strategies. Theories are described comprehensively; all significant elements are covered and described within the specific contexts used. 

–           Critical Evaluation & Analysis (35%): 

-Clear and effective use of BCG and Ansoff Matrix to analyse market and develop a strategic view of the chosen company.

-Clear and effective analysis of global marketing environment and influences of global entry decision.

-Analysis of the issues/factors is deep and balanced, drawing out both strengths and limitations of strategies

-The report should identify numerous opportunities and make numerous reasonable suggestions grounded in theory

-Real-world examples are used throughout to support ideas made.

-Sufficient appropriate sources have been selected and pertinent reference is made to these throughout to support points made. 

–           Academic Integrity (15%): 

-Information from sources is appropriately paraphrased / summarised rather than relying on quotes.

-Any direct and indirect quotations are clearly marked and acknowledged with correct citations. 

-References match the citations and are correctly formatted.

-Data/facts presented are genuine and accurate. 

–           Presentation (15%): 

-Report is well-presented, coherently organised and well-formatted. 

-Expression is clear and register/tone is appropriate

-Appropriate language is used well to convey meaning with minimal grammatical errors.

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