CBT Intervention

Using the psychosocial assessment provided address the following in a 7 page paper:
A research paragraph substantiating your use of the chosen CBT intervention for this client referencing at least one study (with citation).
An outline addressing the 8 steps of behavior therapy as follows:
Clarifying the client’s problem (include a problem list)
Select ONE goal for treatment (it could be a maintaining condition or a thought or behavior that keeps the unwanted behavior going)
Describe the maintaining conditions (the people, places, things, thoughts or other behaviors that keep the unwanted behavior going)
Select TWO target behaviors – one to increase and one to decrease or both to increase or decrease one of the maintaining conditions. Target behaviors are small measurable steps toward goals and must ALWAYS include a number ex: Client will journal three times a week before bed, or client will utilize breathing exercises prior to bed 5 days a week, or client will call a friend or socialize at least once a week. Note: target behaviors may include one of your four selected interventions or skills to practice between sessions/throughout the week.
Design a treatment plan – in this section you will describe FOUR interventions or skills you will utilize to help this client, ex, breathing exercises, Socratic Questioning, a SUDS scale, and a distraction skill (just suggestions, please select whichever are appropriate). For each intervention selected, please provide a definition of that intervention (with citation where possible) and an example of how it will be used. The example of how it will be used could be a brief segment of dialogue from a session in which you explain the intervention/skill to the client, or discussion after the client has attempted to use the skill.
Implementing the treatment plan. In this section you will describe the proposed length and timing of treatment and indicate that it has been collaboratively discussed with the client.
Evaluating the success of the treatment plan. Here you will evaluate the outcome of your work according to the four outcome measures of CBT
Generalizability (was the client able to use a skill initially learned to help with a specific behavior in other contexts?)
Acceptability (did the client readily engage in treatment? Did the client enjoy the cognitive model?
Significance (how significant was the client’s progress? To you? To them?
Duration (how long did the positive change last? As this will be an imaginary situation, you can reference your own ideas about how effective it might have been.
Changing the treatment plan or conducting a follow up assessment – in this section you may critique your own work, the approach utilized and briefly discuss what you might have changed or would do in the future.

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