Community Health Fair and Reflection

  1. Identify a minimum of two (2) barriers (i.e., problems, issues, frustrations, struggles, technical difficulties) that you personally encountered during the process of working with each of the social media and health fair product options you selected (total of 4 minimum). How did you address each barrier to bring about resolution in order to complete the products?
  2. Present at least four (4) of your own concerns (professionally/personally) regarding the use of social media (2 concerns) and health fairs (2 concerns) as a means of general public education for health promotion.
  3. Discuss how you would address the issue of concern for participant privacy during a community health fair.
  4. Discuss how you would handle negative feedback/comments related to the content of your social media product. 
  5. Now that you have completed your social media and health fair products, would you have done anything differently (for example: in the format type you used or the information you included)?
  6. How you will change your personal nursing practice in relation to health promotion education through integration of what you have learned about a) complementary and alternative therapies, b) cultural influences, c) age group influences, and d) the use social media?
  7. Provide revised one sentence definitions of healthhealth promotion, and alternative approaches to healthcare from what you stated in Week 1 to reflect what you have learned as you have completed the course content. 

Respond to three or more initial posts from your colleagues, addressing such things as:

  • Suggest an alternative method and/or location to display this information at the health fair and discuss why you feel your suggestion is a better idea.
    • How would you entice people to come to the health fair or to approach the booth to obtain more information?
    • Can you support what your colleague posted?
    • Challenge your colleague to a different view or deeper insight.

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